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Zach DeLucco (Only1s) is a producer, songwriter, engineer specializing in alternative R&B, hip-hop, and electronic indie music. For over 7 years, Only1s has been producing atmospheric beats with lush digital synthesizers and acoustic guitars, and writing gloomy melodies with mournful lyricism of heartbreak, isolation, and mental health. Early projects such as The Lake
House and Hemlocks, exude wanderlust and self-discovery, with songs like “Walden”, “Auto-Pilot”, and “Hollywood”.

He is the co-founder of independent music collective Brokey Records, focused on production, marketing, and artist development. Only1s has worked with artists such as jovani, Jaziré, FedSoul, OK Houston, Bry444n, Grxtty, and The Rhetorician, as well as coordinating a dozen shows throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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