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Wax the Producer is a highly collaborative audio engineer who specializes in facilitating, producing, and recording live performances in studios and public venues. With a passion for creating exceptional audio experiences, Wax possesses multiple recording software proficiencies and instrument expertise.

Currently serving as an Audio Producer, Foley & Audio Post-Production specialist since February 2020, Wax has utilized the latest software development tools, techniques, and approaches to deliver outstanding results. Through his informative audio presentations, he strives to provide prospective clients with the most valuable information possible.

Drawing from a deep understanding of music terminology, Wax brings a unique perspective to his work. He is exclusively familiar with JIRA, ASANA, and Smartsheet, enabling him to efficiently manage projects and ensure seamless coordination with all stakeholders involved.

In addition to his expertise in recording software, Wax also has extensive experience in directing dialogue and other vocal tracks with actors and voice-over artists. With over two years of experience in testing in-game audio, he consistently delivers immersive soundscapes that enhance the gaming experience.

As a studio manager, Wax adeptly delegates tasks and organizes client session schedules. His ability to set deadlines and prioritize tasks ensures smooth project workflows and timely completion. Notably, his impressive roster of artists he has worked with includes Keys Open Doors, James Lite, Mileena, Rahale B. Blakk Soul, Pure Art, Rocky Sandoval, Holly Michelle, Shelby Swims, DJ K-Phi, Jus Moni, YSC Calico, and Kids On a Hill, among others. With his passion for audio engineering and dedication to creating exceptional soundscapes, Wax’s client list is continuously growing.


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