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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Above the Records is to foster racial and gender equality within the music industry. We aim to create a safe and inclusive music hub that brings together music professionals and enterprises, dedicated to supporting artists from marginalized communities in their career advancement.

  • Vision Statement

    The vision of ATR is to create a SAFE & PROFESSIONAL platform that fosters the creative, economic, and global growth of women and BIPOC musicians. Although we value diversity and inclusivity beyond these communities, we acknowledge the existing disadvantages faced by these groups. As such, we prioritize empowering and
    supporting women and BIPOC musicians in their pursuit of success. Located in the Pacific Northwest, our ultimate aim is to establish a modern-day Motown by nurturing award-winning artists who are not only dedicated to their craft but also serve as role models, inspiring others within their communities.

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Services include mixing mastering, songwriting producing etc. We also offer performances and are open for collaboration events etc. 

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