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Above The Record


Above The Record, LLC is a music company dedicated to urban artists, fostering their growth andsuccess in an inclusive environment. Our mission is to cultivate top-tier talent while nurturing a supportive culture within our team.


Our vision at Above the Record is to empower award-winning artists to achieve global recognition with chart-topping hits, driving substantial economic growth through tours, shows, and streaming.

Raul Esko


Raul Esko, hailing from Polk, Florida, infuses his urban music with personal experiences and a love for diverse genres. Drawing inspiration from artists like T-Pain and Ty Dolla Sign, his sound resonates with raw authenticity. With each track, Raul Esko captivates audiences, cementing his place as a rising star in the urban music scene

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Upcoming Events

June 22
Manhattan Center
New York, NY
June 25
BB&T Pavilion
Camden, NJ
July 02
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL
July 08
WaMu Theater
Seattle, WA
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